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2021 Reflection

2021 was another unusual year with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing and everyone flocking to the great outdoors to stay safe and healthy. We also had extreme heat in the Kootenays followed by almost a month of thick wildfire smoke. A challenging time during the height of hiking season!

New Trails Added

Only a handful of new trails were added to West Kootenay Hiking in 2021. I brought a new tiny hiker into this world and we adventured on shorter trails, closer to home while navigating the new world of parenthood.

I also went back to re-hike many favourites and update the information on this site. A real gem is the Kalso River Trail which now has “Koot” sculptures to explore!


Once again, West Kootenay Hiking made a small amount of money through merch sales. Each year I pass the profits onto a local trail society and for 2021 I’ve donated to the Kalso Outdoor Recreation & Trails Society.

What’s Next?

West Kootenay Hiking has over 100 trails documented and gets over 300,000 visitors a year. Over the last few years, I’ve really tried to keep the site updated with new trails and changing conditions.

But looking forward, I won’t have the same capacity to get out and hike the big alpine grinds over the next few years. I’m starting to think about bringing on a co-editor or handing this project off to another local person with technical experience and an adventurous spirit who’d like to keep it going. I’ll start exploring possibilities in 2022 and see where it goes!

Hiking the baby to Kokanee Lake
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Stuart McKinnon
Stuart McKinnon
2 years ago

Thanks, Abby, for your initiative, creativity and stewardship of what has become a widely appreciated and valuable resource for WK hikers. May you find the collaborators you are looking for to sustain this site. And may your new tiny hiker share your joy of all things outdoors.

Peter Bartl
Peter Bartl
2 years ago

thank you Abby for doing this so elegantly. Peter Bartl, Nelson

Ron Pelkey
Ron Pelkey
2 years ago

Abby. Please keep up the good work, many of us rely on you to help us get outdoors. Congratulations on your new addition! Thanks for your generosity and all you do. Ron.