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Bannock Point Trails

The trails at Bannock Point lead to scenic bluffs overlooking Slocan Lake. You can stay the night at the backcountry campground or just wander the awesome upper trail with mossy forest and wide viewpoints.

Trailhead: Highway 6
Distance, round trip: 5.36km
Elevation: +208m
Season: early April to early November
Difficulty:  Moderate

Trailhead and Driving Directions

Starting from Silverton, drive 3.4km south on Highway 6 and turn right at the gravel pit sign. Or starting from Slocan, drive 23.3km north on Highway 6, past the Enterprise Creek hair-pin turn and past the rest area. Turn left at the gravel pit sign.

Drive down the gravel pit road and cross an open area. The trailhead is in a small clearing in the forest ahead.

Viewpoint Trail

Locals refer to this as the “Awesome Trail” because of the epic scenery overlooking the lake. Caution is required though due to steep drops off the cliffs, and there are plenty of warning signs!

Leaving the trailhead, head left towards the warning signs. The trail will descend beside a huge cliff wall hidden in the trees and the footing will get rocky. Then you will quickly climb up again to come out on a long rocky bench above the lake.

Beautiful view along the trail

The scenery here is absolutely stunning, with the Valhallas soaring high above the water.

After 1km, reach a junction in the trail. Fork right to ascend on a steep mossy trail which leads you to the top of the first viewpoint. It’s a large bluff with a huge view of the lake.

View from the first viewpoint

From the first viewpoint, you can look to the left (east) along the shore to see where the farther viewpoint will take you. If you wish to carry on, double-back to the junction.

Far Viewpoint

The trails to the farther viewpoint aren’t as well-established and there are several off-shoots that could take you back to the gravel pit so pay attention if you’re continuing on. From the junction, fork left to a mossy area of forest and watch for flagging tape and faint trails.

From this point on, there is a loose network of trails in the woods that locals have made. Taking left forks will lead you back through the forest towards the gravel pit. Watch for a faint trail on the right and ascend a steep slope – this will lead to the farther viewpoint.

Reach the far viewpoint after 2km. There is a handy rope to help navigate down the bluffs.

View overlooking Slocan Lake from the far viewpoint

This viewpoint is a bit higher than the last. Looking left again, there are higher rocky benches above the lake that locals bushwhack up. But you can retrace your steps to head back along the trail.

Down to Bannock Point Campground

Returning to the trailhead, follow the signs to descend to Bannock Point campground. It’s a scenic forest and you can hike a small loop down the campground trails with a steeper trail to the right and a gentle descent on the left.

There is a day-use area at the bottom with picnic tables and a view! You can then follow a trail along the campsites to a pebbly beach with Idaho Peak far above.

View from the day use area

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