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Champion Lakes Trails

A beautiful network of trails looping around the three Champion Lakes. Explore as much as you want, but definitely visit the viewpoint!

Trailhead: Champion Park Road
Distance, round trip: 10.6km
Elevation: +129m
Season: early May to early November

Trailhead & Driving Directions

Drive to the end of Champion Park road. You can access this network in several places if you’re camping in the park, or head to the day use picnic area where there is a beach and washrooms.

The trailhead at the Day Use Parking Lot

Take a photo of the trail map before you head out – all the junctions are signed, but it’s quite a network around the lakes.

Starting at 3rd Lake

Starting from the day use area on 3rd lake, hike down to the beach and turn left to hike clockwise along the lake. You’ll follow an old road which will come to the campground beach and playground after 0.8km.

Cross the outlet stream and look for the sign for 2nd Lake Trail heading off in the woods. Cross a beaver dam on a board walk and at 1.6km reach the end of 2nd Lake.

To 2nd and 1st Lakes

Continue left to hike clockwise around 2nd Lake. This part of the trail travels through old growth forest, but just little glimpses of the lake are visible through the trees.

At 2.7km, reach a prominent junction and stay left to follow the trail to 1st Lake.

The trail to 1st Lake winds through more forest before spanning an impressive wetland with a boardwalk at 3.1km. Reach the end of 1st Lake at 3.6km and get some views through the trees.

1st Lake is long and narrow. The trail sticks along one shore and at 4.3km you’ll reach another junction where you can choose to do an out-and-back to the end of the lake, or just loop back towards the campground. Another km of gentle forest hiking and you’re back at 2nd Lake.

From this end of 2nd Lake, you’ll meet the parking lot at the end of Champion Park Road. Hike down to the 2nd Lake boat launch to pick up the trail again. It’ll edge along the forested lakeshore with a nice view at 6.2km.

If you follow the signs for the campground, the trail will end at campsite 81. It’s worth making your way back to Champion Park Road to hike the viewpoint. The tricky thing is you’ll have to hike all around the campground now to get over there!

You’ll have to hike out to Site 1 or Site 39 to get back to Champion Park Road where the Lookout Trail starts.

Lookout Trail

The Lookout Trail is just 1km each way, but it’s a good hill with a 100m of elevation. Follow it up through the forest and into stands of huckleberries to come out on a bluff overlooking the park.

Scenic bench on the Lookout Trail

There are 2 scenic benches on top, with views down over the park. Look West to see Old Glory Mountain behind the Seven Summits Range.

When you’ve hiked back down from the lookout, you’ll need to turn left and follow Champion Park Rd to loop back around 3rd Lake and the day use area. There is no trail along this last kilometre, but you will pass by a viewpoint and interpretive signs.

Panorama on 3rd Lake
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