Songbirds, snakes, ducks, dragonflies! The Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area offers easy walking on a network of trails around the Corn Creek Wetlands. With boardwalks, bridges, bird towers, and the Wildlife Center, there is plenty to do! Bring your binoculars – the bird watching is excellent!


Trailhead: West Creston Road

Map: Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area

Distance: 1km -10km

Elevation: 0m

Difficulty: A1


Parking is available off of West Creston Road and it is a quick 5 minute walk down to the wildlife center. There is an admission fee ($4/adult) for visiting.

With a network of looping trails, you can choose how far out you want to explore. Most paths stay in the wetland and are flat, easy hiking.

The Wildlife Center

Song Bird Stroll

We started off walking down the Board Walk Loop towards the first bird tower. We saw plenty of lily pads and had swallows swooping and singing all around.

We climbed the bird tower and enjoyed the view at the top – the entire marsh could be seen with the trails winding along below.

The Bird Tower on Song Bird Stroll
Panorama from the bird tower

Wood Duck Walk / Wildlife Tree Wander

After finishing Song Bird Stroll, we walked along West Creston Road until we could pick up the Wood Duck Walk loop. We didn’t do the entire loop, but instead walked east until we could turn left onto the Wildlife Tree Wander trail.

Both of these trails followed tire ruts and were a bit boring to walk…. but we started seeing great wildlife! Wood Duck Walk took us between long, muddy ponds where we saw several painted turtles basking. A Great Blue Heron came sailing past on massive wings. And not long after, a surprisingly majestic wild turkey flapped past.

Marsh Trail

We took the Marsh Trail to do a final loop back around to the Wildlife Center. This trail was a little more narrow and wild, and took us through a low line of trees between wetlands. The view of the valley was spectacular looking across the water:

View across the marsh, Wildlife Center in the center-right

By the time we walked back into the Wildlife Center, we’d been hiking for two hours. It was a hot, sunny day without much shade on the trails, so we didn’t want to go further, but we’ll have to come back and explore more!


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