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Elder Trail

A sweet little forested loop that climbs to a viewpoint over Trail. You just need an hour – perfect for a nature break!

Trailhead: Palyga Drive, Trail
Distance, round trip: 2.7km
Elevation: +180m
Season: early April to early November
Difficulty: Easy

Trailhead & Driving Directions

The trailhead is tucked away on Palyga Drive in West Trail. It’s a real network of zig-zagging residential streets! Use the map pin to navigate to the trailhead where you’ll find plenty of parking spaces on this narrow road.

The Elder Trail starts off as an old, overgrown road, but the trailhead is marked with a sign

Elder Trail sign as the trail starts

Along the old road

The first 0.5km of trail gently ascends along the old road. The trees open up to wide views over Trail and the Columbia River.

The Loop

After hiking 0.5km, the trail turns into a loop. We hiked counter-clockwise and turned right to ascend along another old road with some old foundations hidden in the woods nearby.

The Elder Trail narrows into switchbacks as it begins to ascend at a steeper pitch. You’ll hike through towering stands of birch trees and can watch for forest flowers like Queen’s Cup.

Elder Trail through the forest

Reach the big viewpoint after hiking 1.5km, complete with scenic bench! The viewpoint gazes down on the Columbia River with distant views of the Rossland Range.

Complete the loop after hiking 2.2km to rejoin the original old road and hike back. The switchbacks provide a welcome grade on the descent too!

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