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Glade Creek Falls

Here’s a reason to cross the Glade Ferry! The trail to Glade Creek Falls is a short, but worthwhile destination!

Trailhead: Glade Road
Distance, round trip: 0.9km
Elevation: +78m
Season: early April to late November
Difficulty:  Easy

Trailhead & Driving Directions

After disembarking the Glade ferry, drive up to turn right onto Glade Road and reset the odometer if needed. Drive 1.4km. After this point, the road gets rougher as it enters the forest. If you’re in a 2WD clearance vehicle or if the road is soft and muddy, you may want to park here.

Otherwise, continue driving and cross Glade Creek. Fork left at 1.7km to head up the hill. At 2.1km, park in a pullout along the road. You’ll hear Glade Creek Falls from this point. Look for the path leading away from the road towards the noise.

Water spilling along Glade Creek

Glade Falls

It’s just a short walk up to the waterfall. Be cautious if you venture out onto the wet slippery rocks below the falls for a closer look or a photo.

View from the base of Glade Creek Falls. Photo credit Scott Wilson

You can follow the trail from the base of the falls to a small lookout below a huge rocky grotto. Be aware of rock fall in this area!

Glade Creek Falls from the lookout

There is another trail that leads to the top of the waterfall, starting way back across the bridge over Glade Creek. That might be a good adventure for another time!

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[…] continue driving and cross Glade Creek. Stay right at 1.7km rather than forking left to Glade Creek Falls. If the road is getting worse and the forest is closing in, there is a wide parking space at about […]

Ross Charette
Ross Charette
4 years ago
Trail Rating :

Back to Glade Creek Falls and it was even better this time! This not well-advertised gem is a masterpiece, but I think creek is a misnomer, it was running like a full fledged river. Awesome afternoon.
Thank you so much for this site, it is brilliant 🙂

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Road was super, beyond the pavement recommended to walk
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2WD Low Clearance
2 years ago

Who are you, inviting strangers into a community

2 years ago
Reply to  Mandy

It is everybody’s right to be able to experience this kind of beauty. This waterfall is not just for the people who live in the direct community. It is for everyone. Anyhow people that are brought into your communities by waterfalls or tourism are supporting your community by purchasing items in your vicinity. I consider it a win-win situation for the community and the people viewing this wonderful waterfall.

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