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Red Mountain (Rossland)

There is nothing like hiking a beautifully crafted trail! The hike to Red Mountain weaves through forests and bluffs at a steady grade, lifting you up to the summit with big views over the ski resort and Rossland.

Trailhead: Red Mountain Ski Resort
Distance, round trip: 9km
Elevation: +428m
Season: mid May to late October

Trailhead & Driving Directions

Drive to Red Mountain Ski Resort and park in one of the huge gravel parking lots. Walk to the base of Red Mountain, with the bright red ski lift! The trail starts as an old road skirting the bottom of the lift and heading off into the woods to the left.

Red Mountain as viewed from the ski resort

Into the Woods

Follow the trail into the woods. It starts off as the Centennial Trail, but after hiking 0.3km you’ll see the signed junction for Red Top, marked with the square. This is the trail you’ll follow and watch for all the way to the summit.

Take the Red Top trail as it switchbacks comfortably through the forest. It will intersect with old roads as well as a black diamond trail called “Red Head” in several places, but all the junctions are marked.

Hiking up Red Top

After hiking 2.0km, the forest will begin to fall away as you wrap around to the south-facing side of Red Mountain where the old mine activity was. Reach a scenic viewpoint then keep going!

Open slopes

The second half of the trail switch-backs through open south-facing rocky slopes. This area has plenty of wildflowers, but can also get hot! The radio tower on the summit will come into view, but it’s still a ways up!

The radio tower high above

After hiking 4.0km, you’ll reach an old cabin labelled “Poochy’s Inn”. It’s locked, but has a worthy view from the deck. Keep hiking – you’re almost there!

Red Top!

Reach the summit of Red Mountain after 4.5km. The last bit of trail weaves under the ski lift and brings you to a scenic bench at the top.

Summit panorama

There are big views in all directions! Look down on Rossland, with the City of Trail far below on the Columbia River. Gaze at the rest of Red Mountain Ski Resort with the runs up Granite Mountain. And far up the Columbia River valley, you may catch a glimpse of the big peaks in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park.

Retrace your steps to return back to the car. The flowing trail offers a smooth descent.

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