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Mt. Assiniboine: Lake Magog

Did you know you can hike a loop around Lake Magog? It’s not marked on any maps, but there is a clear trail set by cairns and footfalls winding around the entire lake. This is a great option for a rainy day or an easy hike.


Trailhead: Any point along Lake Magog

Distance, Loop: 5km

Elevation: negligible

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Mt. Assiniboine: Sunburst, Cerulean, Elizabeth Lakes

It was a cold, rainy day and Mount Assiniboine had vanished beneath the clouds. Perfect for touring the lakes! This is a short, easy hike, suitable for everyone.


Trailhead: Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

Map: Park Map

Distance, Loop: 4.5km

Elevation: +120m

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Mt. Assiniboine – Bryant Creek Trail

The Bryant Creek Trail is a popular hiking route to Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. Starting near the end of the Spray Lakes, the trail follows Bryant Creek up through the forest, into meadows and eventually up over Assiniboine or Wonder Pass. This is a long route and there are plenty of campgrounds along the way to break up your travel – just be sure to book a backcountry pass with Banff National Park.


Trailhead: Shark Mountain, off the Smith-Dorrien/Spray Trail

Distance, One Way: 27.5km via Assiniboine Pass or 26.1km via Wonder Pass

Elevation: +460m via Assiniboine Pass or +580m via Wonder Pass

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