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A loop of old roads and bike trails, climbing through the forest to a series of lookouts over Kootenay Lake. Enjoy the shade and watch out for mountain bikes.

Trailhead: Lexington Ave, Proctor
Distance, round trip: 8km
Elevation: 381m
Season: April to November
Difficulty: Easy 
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Slocan Pools

An easy river-side stroll through the forest. The Slocan Pools trail offers gentle walking and beautiful views out over the Kootenay River.

Trailhead: West Kootenay Road
Distance, round trip: 4.5km
Elevation: 50m
Season: April to November
Difficulty: Easy 
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100 Acre Wood

Old growth forests are precious places! Take the time to wander through this grove near Rossland – it’s a short, but worthwhile hike.

Trailhead: Highway 3B
Distance, round trip: 3km
Elevation: -75m
Season: April to November
Difficulty: Easy 
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Ka Papa Cedars Trail

Driving over Kootenay Pass? Take a break and stroll the old growth Ka Papa Cedars Trail! It’s an easy loop that explores an ancient cedar grove. Enjoy the tranquility and magic that comes from wandering the timeless forest floor. The trail name “Ka Papa” means “my grandfather” in the Ktunaxa language and refers to the ancient cedars being like elders in the forest.

Trailhead: Highway 3
Distance, round trip: 2.6km
Elevation: +69m
Season: late May to early October
Difficulty: Easy
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Retallack Old Growth Cedars

A short, winding loop through a scenic old growth cedar grove! Some of the trees are hundreds of years old and tower up to impressive heights – it’s worth the 30 minute stop to go check out this trail!

Trailhead: Highway 31A
Distance, round trip: 1km
Elevation: +25m
Season: early June to late September
Difficulty:  Easy

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Kokanee Old Growth Cedars

The old growth trail up Kokanee Creek is a short and spectacular hike. The cedars are ancient and massive, reaching up towards the sky and back across the centuries.

Trailhead: Kokanee Glacier Road
Distance, round trip: 2.4km
Elevation: +100m
Season: mid-June to late October
Difficulty:  Easy

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