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Red Mountain (Rossland)

There is nothing like hiking a beautifully crafted trail! The hike to Red Mountain weaves through forests and bluffs at a steady grade, lifting you up to the summit with big views over the ski resort and Rossland.

Trailhead: Red Mountain Ski Resort
Distance, round trip: 9km
Elevation: +428m
Season: mid May to late October

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Old Glory Mountain

You won’t be disappointed standing atop the highest peak in the Rossland Range. At 2377m, Old Glory towers above the visible world and offers spectacular views of the nearby Monashee mountains. Most of this hike is done up high, along alpine meadows and ridge lines, so your trek will be bordered by wildflowers and the hazy blue of distant horizons.

Trailhead: Highway 3B
Distance, round trip: 17km
Elevation: +1145m
Season: late June to late September
Difficulty:  Difficult

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