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Talus Hill

Talus Hill pops up above the village of Warfield to offer 360 degree views of the Columbia River Valley. It’s a short hike, but new hikers will find a challenge on the rocky switchbacks.

Trailhead: Jacob Street, Warfield
Distance, round trip: 2.8km
Elevation: +230m
Season: early April to early November
Difficulty: Easy

Trailhead & Driving Directions

The Talus Hill trail starts on a network of old roads and tracks in upper Warfield. Navigate to Jacob Street and look for the trail leading off on the left behind a gated road. Use this map pin to navigate. There are only a few spots for vehicles at the trailhead and the road is narrow, so you may need to park on a lower street.

Start of the trail

Along the old road

Follow the old road for the first 0.6km at a gentle ascent. Views of the Columbia River Valley peek through the trees.

The road narrows to a trail, but the grade stays nice and gentle as it rises over a rocky bench, until…

The climb

After 0.9km, the trail steepens to climb over switchbacks, increasingly loose and rocky. This is a south-facing slope without shade and radiates summer heat.

Bring poles and slow your pace to manage the grade. This is the final ascent up the hill!

The top!

Reach the top of Talus Hill after hiking 1.3km with a scenic bench overlooking Warfield. There are views in every direction – look for Red Mountain Ski Resort to the West, Warfield to the South, Trail to the East, and North gazes up the Columbia River valley towards Genelle and Castlegar.

Retrace your route to return back at the trailhead, being careful on the steep sections of the descent.

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