You need to make sure you have the physical ability and technical skill before setting out on an adventure! Know your limits and stay within them.

Physical Fitness

If you’re new to hiking, start with easy hikes that stay on marked trails.

The best way to train for hiking is to go hiking! Find a local trail that you can hike regularly to build fitness, ideally one with some good climb.

Mountain Skills

If you’re venturing onto more advanced terrain and getting off-trail, you need to have the skills and equipment to manage the extra risks.

You can take courses through local clubs or guiding companies. You’ll also benefit from hiking with experienced locals and guides. No one knows the area better!

Local Guiding Companies

Need to hire an expert? Want to take a course?

Hike with Locals

There are many outdoor clubs and trail societies in the Kootenays! Join a club to hike with locals and get some mountain mentorship. Hiking with a group is great way to build skills and fitness!

Hiking with the Kootenay Mountaineering Club