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Tulip Creek Falls

Tulip Creek Falls

Short, sweet, spectacular – that’s the trail up to Tulip Creek Falls. It’s less of a hike and more of a diversion, but it’s well worth the trip!


Trailhead: 3.5km up Deer Park Road

Distance, Round Trip: 0.5km

Elevation: +16m


After passing Syringa Provincial Park, turn onto Deer Park Road and drive to 3.5km. More detailed info can be found at the Castlegar Parks and Trails Society.

The trailhead isn’t marked, but the road widens to allow for parking and a trail climbs up along the banks of the creek.

Pools along Tulip Creek

The Waterfall

The trail to Tulip Creek Falls requires some thoughtful stepping, but it’s short and scenic. The waterfall is quickly reached, nestled between red rock and bright green moss.

Tulip Creek Falls
Panorama showing the red rocks and green moss surrounding the falls

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