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Panorama at Smallwood/Bigwood

Hiked up to the Smallwood/Bigwood lookout last week! Beautiful views and clouds of mosquitoes at the top. Trail is snow-free with just a handful of deadfall along the route.

View on Plewman Trail

View looking back on the Plewman Trail

Today we tried to hike up Old Glory Mountain via the Plewman Trail. There was still a lot of snow on the trail, and when when got up to Unnecessary Ridge the view was socked in with cold mist blowing all around us. We turned back and hope to try again on a better day.

View from the Svoboda Bike Trails

Did a nice evening hike up the Svoboda Mountain Bike Trails last night. The Log Jam trail opens up to logged clearing that was buzzing with insects and bluebirds.

Yellow Glacier Lily

Taken from Pulpit Rock, April 10, 2016