The Wilson Creek Falls plunge 63m down into a rocky canyon, ripping with noise and spray. It’s a quick and impressive destination!


Trailhead: East Wilson Creek FSR

Distance, Round Trip: 2.4km

Elevation: +140m

Difficulty: A1


The trailhead is reached up the East Wilson Creek FSR, near Rosebery BC. After driving this good, 2WD LC road for 11.5km, a signed junction points up a rougher road towards the falls. The last 1km of road is rougher and narrow, but should be drivable for all vehicles. Just take it slow.

Trailhead to Wilson Creek Falls

Down the forest path

The trail is relatively level as it starts to meander through the forest. However, as you near the canyon, the trail steepens significantly into a careful descent. The waterfall can be heard in the distance and is reached within 30 minutes of walking.

The Waterfall

The trail vanishes at the base of Wilson Creek Falls, leaving you with an almighty view:

Wilson Creek Falls

A sign announces the you’ve now crossed into Goat Range Provincial Park. And although the sign urges you not to go beyond, a faint trail climbs up the mossy rocks at the base of the falls – one of the most popular places to take a photo that shows the scale of the falls!



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