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The website is all about hiking in the West Kootenay mountains of British Columbia, including trail reviews, hiking tips, musings, and photos.

The goal is to develop this website into an online resource that can be used and maintained by the local hiking community. If you have any suggestions for future enhancements or any feedback, please contact me.

The Author

I am Abby, a hiker.img_0378

After spending many years living in Ontario, my husband and I uprooted our lives and embarked on a cross-Canada move to resettle in beautiful Nelson. Why? For a more adventurous life filled with the great outdoors!

I originally started this website as a personal hiking blog called “The Kooteneer” to share my favourite West Kootenay trails and encourage others to get exploring too. While there are many good hiking resources out there, it can be hard to get recent trail reports and photos. Over time, my blog started getting more and more traffic and I realized there was a lot of interest in a good online hiking guide. I’ve been learning web development in my spare time and am steadily working away at building this site!

AbMtAssinJct9608While new to the West Kootenay, I have many years of experience hiking and camping in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, starting in my early childhood! My first backpacking trip was into Mount Assinaboine at the age of seven.

I’m excited to discover and share more West Kootenay hikes. Thanks for following along!

PS – if you love West Kootenay landscapes, check out my artwork too.