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Golden Larches at Svoboda Road

We returned to the bike trails at Svoboda Road today to do some more fall hiking. It was a cool, damp day, but the clouds slowly lifted off the mountains and patches of blue sky appeared when we reached the clearing at the top. Lots of golden larches, and shrieking Stellar and Grey Jays darting …

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Fall Colours at Morning Mountain

After a week of rain, the clouds lifted to reveal snow-capped peaks and golden larches. We spend a day hiking at Morning Mountain and enjoyed the interplay of sunlight and fall colours.

Fall Hiking

Well, it’s mid-October and the snow level is at 1500 meters. We’ve had cold, rainy days with low grey clouds, and that means it’s back to shoulder-season hiking. I’ve returned to many of our spring hikes to see how the trails look in fall colours.

Kokanee Spawning

Every year in late summer, the mature kokanee salmon begin the struggle of their lives. They face a literal uphill battle- fighting their way upstream to their original spawning grounds to find mates and lay eggs. It’s exhausting work and once their eggs are fertilized and buried, the kokanee die and wash away to feed forests and bears.

Clouds at Monica Meadows

I spent a rainy day at Monica Meadows this past weekend. It’s a beautiful place and I hope to return in better weather to do a proper trail review. Here are a couple panorama taken up on the meadows among the clouds:

Mt. Assiniboine: Nub Peak

The Nub is one of the best hikes for a clear day at Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. There are 3 milestones along the trail- the Niblet, the Nublet, and the Nub -so you can choose how far and high you go. Each section has awesome views, but 360 degree panoramas of the entire park can only …

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Mt. Assiniboine Backpacking Trip

I put together a video of highlights from our recent 5-night backpacking trip into Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park! What an amazing place on the edge of the Kootenays!

Bear Safety for Hikers

Crash. Crack. We looked ahead and saw something moving in the woods, running off to the side. A bear. Small, light brown, round ears, gone. Silence. We waited and a thousand questions churned in my mind. It looked like a small bear… was it a young bear? Was the mother nearby? It was light brown… …

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View from Bed Frame Trail

Today we hiked back up the Morning Mountain trails to enjoy the beautiful scenery and check out some spots we missed the first time.

View on Plewman Trail

Today we tried to hike up Old Glory Mountain via the Plewman Trail. There was still a lot of snow on the trail, and when when got up to Unnecessary Ridge the view was socked in with cold mist blowing all around us. We turned back and hope to try again on a better day.