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Epic Panoramas from Sky Castle

Today we hiked up to the hidden gem known as Sky Castle. Sky Castle is a look-out tower perched upon a small mountain with panoramic views of Slocan Valley, Lemon Creek drainage, and the mighty Valhalla mountains.

Why so Blue?

A few people have noticed that photos in the Kootenays are really very blue. “Is something wrong with your camera, Abby?” Well, no. This is atmospheric perspective at work – the effect of the atmosphere on viewing distant objects. The further away a mountain is, the more blue light from the sky is scattered across …

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View from the Svoboda Bike Trails

Did a nice evening hike up the Svoboda Mountain Bike Trails last night. The Log Jam trail opens up to logged clearing that was buzzing with insects and bluebirds.

Kootenay Calling

The car was stuck. I was stuck. Almost at the top of the hill, the engine had stalled against the weight of the uHaul trailer and the steep slope of the road. Foot hard on the brakes, I turned the key again and tried to get it going. Clutch in, clutch out, gas in, e-brake …

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