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Rialto Waterfalls

This trail was built for mountain-bikers, but everyone will enjoy the smooth grade and scenic waterfalls. Hike up the woods to enjoy a series of waterfalls along Rialto Creek.

Trailhead:  Broadwater Road
Distance, round trip: 4.6 km
Elevation: +181 m
Season: mid March to late November
Difficulty: Easy
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Riondel Historic Waterline Trail

If you enjoy hikes with a historical connection, then add this waterline to your list! The restored trail offers a pleasant walk in the woods with a historic engineering marvel.

Trailhead:  Riondel North Road
Distance, round trip: 9.8km
Elevation: +273m
Season: mid May to late November
Difficulty: Easy
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McKean Lakes

McKean Lakes is a worthwhile alpine destination, tucked away on the edge of Valhalla Provincial Park. The road is long, the trail is steep, but the lakes are cradled beneath impressive peaks.

Trailhead: Koch Creek FSR
Distance, round trip: 10.4km
Elevation: +671m
Season: mid-July to late September
Difficulty:  Difficult
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McPhee Waterfall Loop

Everyone loves a good waterfall! And Little McPhee Falls is a two-tiered beauty that roars during the spring melt and quiets to a mossy trickle in the fall. This forested trail can be extended into a nice loop above the Kootenay River.

Trailhead: McPhee Forest Service Road
Distance, round trip: 7.66km
Elevation: +215m
Season: mid-April to early November
Difficulty:  Easy
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Earl Grey Pass

A challenging wilderness trail across the Purcell mountain range. The Earl Grey Pass trail is a historic route featuring glaciers, waterfalls, cable cars, and massive old growth cedars. This epic trek is not for the faint of heart – with rough and hazardous terrain, you need to be a tough backpacker, ready for the kind of suffering that comes with a big adventure.

Trailheads: Toby Creek FSR (Invermere) and Argenta Road (Argenta)
Distance, one way: 70.4km
Elevation: +1896m (East to West) or +2331 (West to East)
Season: mid-July to late September
Difficulty: Challenging
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Glade Creek Falls

Here’s a reason to cross the Glade Ferry! The trail to Glade Creek Falls is a short, but worthwhile destination!

Trailhead: Glade Road
Distance, round trip: 0.9km
Elevation: +78m
Season: early April to late November
Difficulty:  Easy
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Fletcher Falls

Just outside of Kaslo, Fletcher Creek drops into an impressive waterfall as it flows into Kootenay Lake. It’s a quick, scenic hike down to the falls, and Fletcher Creek also offers a picnic area and backcountry camping.

Trailhead: Fletcher Creek Frontage Rd
Distance, round trip: 1.1km
Elevation: +50m
Season: late March to early November
Difficulty:  Easy

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Macbeth Icefield

Epic. That is the best word to describe the Macbeth Icefield trail. It’s incredibly epic, but also incredibly hard. The trail climbs through a valley of meadows and old growth forest to ascend past waterfalls to the massive wall of the Macbeth Icefield. It’s a long day with significant distance, elevation, and time, but a huge adventure for experienced hikers!

Trailhead: Glacier Creek FSR
Distance, round trip: 15.5km
Elevation: +1209m
Season: mid-July to late September
Difficulty:  Challenging

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Wilson Creek Falls

The Wilson Creek Falls plunge 63m down into a rocky canyon, ripping with noise and spray. It’s a quick and impressive destination!

Trailhead: East Wilson Creek FSR
Distance, round trip: 2.4km
Elevation: +140m
Season: mid-April to early November
Difficulty:  Easy

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Tulip Creek Falls

Short, sweet, spectacular – that’s the trail up to Tulip Creek Falls. It’s less of a hike and more of a diversion, but it’s well worth the trip!

Trailhead: Deer Park Road
Distance, round trip: 0.5km
Elevation: +16m
Season: late March to early November
Difficulty:  Easy

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