Christina Lake – Deer Point Trail

The Deer Point Trail is an incredibly scenic hike that traces the high bluffs above Christina Lake. The trail is smoothly graded and winds through ponderosa forest, opening up to big views of the lakeshore below.

Trailhead: East Shore Road, Texas Creek Provincial Park
Distance, round trip: 13.8km
Elevation: +336m
Difficulty:  Easy


Park at Texas Creek Provincial Park and starting hiking from the campground.

The trail starts with a steady uphill climb the reach the bluffs above the lake. However, the path is wide and smooth and the grade is nicely managed. With large piled rocks supporting the trail, the hike appears to follow the remnants of an old road.

Along the trail

As the trail climbs above the campground, the view of Christina Lake opens up to the left. We encountered quite a bit of deadfall from the recent windstorm as well as some very marshy patches in the lower sections.

At about 2.5km the trail dips down into a small valley to cross a stream. The bridge was washed out, but we were able to step carefully across on the broken boards.

Just past this stream, we reached a scenic lookout – a great spot for a break:

Scenic Viewpoint

Around the bluffs

As the trail continues, it begins wrapping around some serious rock bluffs! The views of the lake continue and the forest is open and full of light. Very pleasant hiking!

Mid-April had plenty of glacier lillies sprouting up along the north-facing slopes and valleys.

The climatic mid-point

Just past the turn-off for Trapper Creek Campground, at 6.3km, we turned on the junction for the climatic viewpoint. We followed at fainter trail higher up above the bluffs. It’s a short climb with 50m of elevation, and it is well worth the effort!

Panorama above Christina Lake

At the top of the bluff is a huge view of Christina Lake, looking all the way down to the distant south shore.

We sat on the remnants of a scenic bench, admired the view, ate lunch, and steadily removed ticks.

Hiking back along the trail

It was a beautiful, sunny day with budding spring leaves all around. The trees were still open enough that the lake could be continuously spotted along the hike home.


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28 days ago

Beautiful photos! About how long did this hike take you?

Abby Wilson
28 days ago
Reply to  Hayley

5-6 hours depending on lunch break!

28 days ago
Reply to  Abby Wilson


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