Delaurentiis Bluffs

A scenic overlook trail above Salmo! The Delaurentiis Bluffs trail provides both exercise and inspiration as it climbs high to a series of viewpoints above the valley.

Trailhead: Delaurentiis Road
Distance, round trip: 5.4km
Elevation: +487m
Season: mid-April to early November
Difficulty: Moderate
Download file: delaurentiis.gpx

Trailhead and Driving Directions

In Salmo, turn onto 4th Street and drive through town, crossing the Salmo River. On the other side of the bridge, where Airport Road begins, reach the junction where Delaurentiis Road branches off to the left. Look for the signed trailhead right across the road with a parking pullout.


This trail forms a loop above Delaurentiis Road with a long spur switchbacking higher for lookouts. It’s easiest to hike counter-clockwise and find the start of the trail by the trailhead.

Through the Forest

The trail ascends through the forest on a series of rock-steps, then winds among the trees.

As the trail rounds to the left and levels-out, look for views of the Salmo River below through the trees.

Up the Spur

At 0.9km, reach a junction where the spur trail forks off to the right to climb high. This section of the trail is rated more difficult as there are some chunky sections where the trail switchbacks through a rockslide with looser footing.


At 1.5km, arrive at the first lookout where the trail sweeps over a bluff for a wide view of the valley. You’ve gained about +220m at this point.

Viewpoint on one of the bluffs

Keep going higher to see more! At 2.0km and +340m, reach the next viewpoint on another bluff that overlooks the valley. Look for the Salmo River far below as well as the distant peaks of the Rossland Range in the far distance to the West.

Looking South down the Salmo River Valley

At 2.8km, reach the end of the trail after gaining +487m. This is the biggest view you’ll get and it’s worth it!

Viewpoint above Salmo, with clouds covering the valley

Back Down

Retrace your steps all the way back down, then turn right to continue the loop. There are still a few viewpoints through the trees, but you’re pretty low now!

Viewpoint on the loop

The trail will ramp down to an old road. Once you reach this, turn left to walk back down Delaurentiis Road to the trailhead.

Trail Angels

Salmo Valley Trail Society

The Salmo Valley Trail Society maintains the Delaurentiis Bluffs Trail. If you’ve enjoyed the hike, consider becoming a member, making a donation, or volunteering with them.

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Ben Aubin
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