Epic Panoramas from Sky Castle

Today we hiked up to the hidden gem known as Sky Castle. Sky Castle is a look-out tower perched upon a small mountain with panoramic views of Slocan Valley, Lemon Creek drainage, and the mighty Valhalla mountains.

Sky Castle Look-Out Tower

As you’d imagine, the views from Sky Castle are absolutely epic! Here are a couple of panoramas from the deck:


Due to cloud cover, we didn’t get to see the full frontal glory of the Valhalla peaks. But the view was still pretty decent. 😉

Want to go? Unfortunately, Sky Castle isn’t easily accessible to the public and there isn’t a marked trail… which is why I am not doing a full trail review. Sky Castle can be reached via a bumpy 4km drive up Ponderosa Forest Service Road (4wd, high clearance vehicle only), a bushwack through a gully, and then a 2 hour trek up the access road. If anyone is feeling adventurous, a geocacher has provided more detailed instructions for how to get there.

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