Kaslo River

Kaslo River is a fairy tale of a trail, winding along the burbling river and mossy banks. The main loop arcs over the river on two covered bridges, both painted an enchanting shade of red.

Trailhead: 5th St
Distance, round trip: 3.2km
Elevation: +66m
Difficulty:  Easy


The Kaslo Trailblazers Society had a vision of creating a network of trails along the Kaslo river, looped together by two bridges. The opening of the Unity Bridge in 2015 completed the final link of the main trail.

The trail is bordered by village history, from the unraveling hydroelectric pipes along the north trail to the devastating flood of 1894 that washed away the south end of town.


There are multiple places to start. We parked at the end of 5th Street and headed up the north trail. This was a nice route as the upper Trailblazers bridge and view point were saved for the middle of the hike, and we finished by triumphantly crossing the lower Unity bridge.


Along the North Bank

The north trail stays close to the river and offers an easy, wide trail that is wheel chair accessible for the first 650m.


As the trail goes on, it branches into upper and lower paths. The lower trail dips down along the river bank, where it weaves between mossy river stones and ancient horsetails.


Upper Trailblazers Bridge and View Point

The north trail ends at the Trailblazers Bridge. The view from up here is mostly of the mesmerizing torrent below, and of course the view of the bridge. Enough said.


Not far along, the south trail starts up and leads on to a view point where the spiky tips of the mountains come into view.

Ta-da! Mount Loki in the background

Magic Along the Path

The Kaslo River Trail is full of beautiful moments: pink fairy slipper orchid, blue forget-me-nots, tipsy stacks of stone, twisted roots and rocks. The pathways are bordered with river stone and meander across the mossy forest floor.

Lower Unity Bridge

At last, the Unity Bridge connects the trail back to 5th Street.


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