Mt. Assiniboine: Nub Peak

The Nub is one of the best hikes for a clear day at Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. There are 3 milestones along the trail- the Niblet, the Nublet, and the Nub -so you can choose how far and high you go. Each section has awesome views, but 360 degree panoramas of the entire park can only be found atop the Nub!


Trailhead: Start from Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

Distance, Round Trip: 8km

Elevation: +550m


There are two trails that lead up the Niblet and merge near the top. One trail starts near Elizabeth Lake and the second trail starts at a junction between Lake Magog Campground and Assiniboine Lodge.

We headed towards Assiniboine Lodge and enjoyed the meadows stretching out towards Og Lake.

Meadows, the Nub is on the far left

Up the Niblet

The trail to the Niblet wanders through the sub-alpine meadows, and then meets the forest and begins to climb. The elevation gain is manageable at a slow and steady pace, and we enjoyed the wildflowers blooming around the trail.

The Niblet is a low ridge, covered in shrunken trees. As you gain the top, you can look over the south-west side to see Sunburst and Cerulean Lakes shining below.

Sunburst Peak and Cerulean Lake from the Niblet

Looking ahead, you’ve got quite a ways to go:

Trail leading from the Niblet to the Nublet

Up the Nublet

The next section is harder. As the trail nears the Nublet, it steepens to a gravel path. The elevation gain is faster, our legs started to burn as we carefully stepped up and up the rocks. Looking back, the view is opening up as you climb higher – it’s worth it!

Looking back from the trail up the Nublet

The top of the Nublet is reached with relief and awe. Looking down, you can see the basin around Lake Magog as well as the lakes around Sunburst Peak. Reaching the Nublet is a worthy achievement and many hikers are satisfied to stop here.

View from the Nublet

We met some hikers on top of the Nublet who asked us, “Is this the Nub? Did we climb it?”

“No,” we said sadly. “That is the Nub.” And we pointed up:

Trail leading from the Nublet to the Nub

Up the Nub

Summiting the Nub takes another 2 hours and involves some exposure. The trail skirts a narrow ridge, then edges a thin line above Elizabeth Lake with a dramatic drop on one side.

We took our time, carefully stepping along the ridge. The trail eventually winds back up to a broad plateau and completes the final climb (another 200m). It’s hard work, it’s even a little scary, it’s worth it.

View from Nub Peak

The top of the Nub is bare rock, but someone piled rocks into a bit of a windbreak. You can look down on all sides and see well into the valleys beyond. Og Lake is visible along with Windy Ridge and Og Pass. Gog Lake up Wonder Pass can also be seen. There are panoramas on all sides:


We started a slow descent around 1:30 and, instead of returning to the campground, headed up to Assiniboine Lodge for afternoon tea and cake. A perfect ending to a great hike!


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