Hike Grading Scale

Each trail on westkootenayhiking.ca has a ‘Summary’ section with a grade based on the average physical and technical difficulty of the trip. You’ll also see the total distance and elevation for the trip. These grades are intended to be guidelines only.

Always assess your own ability. Trails that are easy for experienced hikers may be challenging for new hikers.

Easy – easy hikes are generally less than 4 hours and not too steep. These hikes are usually suitable for beginners and young kids. Example: Pulpit Rock.

Moderate – moderate hikes have a little more challenge. Expect to be out for 4-6 hours with a little more physical effort. Example: Monica Meadows.

Difficult – difficult hikes are for experienced hikers in good physical condition. Expect to be out 6-8 hours with a significant amount of elevation gained. Example: Old Glory Mountain.

Challenging – challenging hikes involve significant physical and technical difficulty. You might be out for more than 8+ hours and the route could involve scrambling, route-finding, or even some exposure. Example: Macbeth Icefield.