Texas-Reco Ridge

An amazing ridge-line adventure, full of mining history and mountain tops! The Texas-Reco ridge is strung between peaks with wide views all around. Come in late July for the wildflowers!

Trailhead: Stenson Creek FSR
Distance, round trip: 10.4km
Elevation: +779m
Season: mid-July to late September
Difficulty: Moderate
Download file: texas-reco-ridge.gpx

Trailhead & Driving Directions

4WD high clearance is necessary for the logging road. Drive along Highway 31A between New Denver and Kaslo. Turn off at the sign for Retallack Lodge (28.6 km from downtown Kaslo), immediately cross a bridge and reset your odometer. To the right is the parking for the Retallack Old Growth Cedars Trail.

You’ll quickly reach another junction where left descends to Retallack Lodge and right ascends for the hike. It is recommended that day users check in at Retallack Lodge before driving up. This will allow the lodge to:

  • inform you where they are operating that day and provide tips to avoid mountain biking groups.
  • radio up that there are hikers coming up Stenson Creek FSR. This is a narrow road with blind corners. You don’t want to meet a logging truck or one of the massive shuttle vehicles that the lodge uses for bikers.
  • give you the latest info about bears in the area.
  • You can also call the lodge ahead of time to ask whether they are offering heli-biking on a given day. Avoiding days with the helicopter will provide a more serene hiking experience!

At 0.9km, fork right onto Stenson Creek FSR. Continue up through the forest, ignoring a right fork down to a recent clearcut around 1.2km. At 3.9km, reach a prominent junction and fork right. You’re now ascending up towards the Texas-Reco Ridge ahead in the distance. At 5.5km, stay left on the main road. At 6.9km, cross a bridge and begin to switchback higher. At 8.7km, stay right on the main road.

Park on the side of the road at 9km. You’ll see a series of gravel ramps ahead with the distant Texas-Reco ridge beyond. Driving further is not recommended unless you have low range gears, a powerful engine, and nerves of steel.

Ramps and Ridge where you park

This post and the GPS track describes the route to West Texas Peak. Info about summiting Texas Peak and Reco Mountain is provided at the bottom.

Hike up the Road

The first 2km of this hike are up the road! Quickly reach a road junction once you start hiking and take a hard left. Looking ahead, you’ll see why you parked the car – the road ascends steeply towards the ridge!

Hiking up the road towards the ridge

You’ll hike the road up through the forest and then come out along a series of avalanche paths. Look back to see the peaks of Mount Brennan and Whitewater Mountain prominent across the valley.

At 1.8km, pass a creeklet with the remains of a miner’s cabin and an old mineshaft. The ridges in this area are littered with old miner’s claims and trails – they were part of the Silvery Slocan boom that started the nearby City of Sandon.

You’re now getting closer to the ridge. The road does a tight switchback and then at 2.1km reach a series of cairns and flagging tape on either side of the trail. This marks the shortcut to Texas Peak – look for a trail leaving the road on the left. If you miss this junction, no worries! Staying on the road will still lead you up to the ridge closer to Reco Peak.

Walking the Ridge

Once you attain the ridge, stop and look around. You have options! A trail runs all along the top of the ridge, with a wide cat-track path on either side. Turning right will lead you to Mount Reco and left will go towards the Texas Peaks.

To hike to the Texans, go left. The rocky summit of West Texas Peak is visible beyond a green peaklet on the ridge that we’ll refer to as “the grassy highpoint”.

At 3.7km the trail reaches a wide meadow and fizzles out a bit. Take a sharp left and look for a cairn – the trail appears again briefly, leading you up towards the grassy highpoint and then abruptly ends. It’s off-trail now!

The slope up to the grassy highpoint – steep!

Pick your way up the steep grassy slope, inventing your own switchbacks to manage the grade. It’s 150m of elevation up! You’ll see lots of bear diggings here – a good reminder to call out.

At last, reach the top of the grassy highpoint and gaze out at the Texan Peaks! The true Texas peak is to the left, just slightly higher than West Texas Peak on the right.

View of the Texans from the top of the grassy high point – Texas Peak is to the left and West Texas Peak on the right

Up to West Texas Peak

A mountain bike trail starts on top of the ridge (they get dropped off by helicopters!). Follow it to West Texas Peak.

Hiking to West Texas Peak

The mountain bike trail is excellent until the very last 40m up to the West Texas Peak summit. The trail steepens into an almost vertical chute full of loose sandy-slippery rock suitable for mountain bikers with a death wish. Ascend carefully or pick a better route on the boulders to the left.

Final ascent up the chute to West Texas Peak

Reach the summit of West Texas Peak after 5.2km. You’re now at 2461m elevation and an impressive alpine panorama surrounds you. Look for familiar landmarks and hiking spots. Mount Brennan, Whitewater Canyon, and Mount Jardine to the North. Mount Loki to the South-East. The white folds of Kokanee Glacier to the South. And Idaho Peak and the Vahallas to the West.

View East from West Texas Peak, looking out towards the distant Purcells
Panorama from West Texas Peak, looking back towards Mount Reco

Option to Scramble Texas Peak

If you wish to summit the true Texas Peak and sign the summit cain, you must scramble down the ridge beyond. The true summit is only 30m higher… is it worth it? You decide! It’s 0.6km away with about 100m of elevation lost and 130m of elevation regained.

View of Texas Peak from West Texas Peak

Option to Summit Mount Reco

Mount Reco is a more enticing bonus summit – it has a trail all the way up and is the higher of the peaks at 2525m!

To hike Mount Reco, retrace your steps all the way back along the ridge. Go past the cairns that mark the Texas Peak ‘shortcut’ trail and stay on the ridge until your reach the road again. Pick up a trail heading up to Reco. It will wrap around the ridge near the top rather than going straight up. From the road to the top of Reco, you’ll go 2.4km round trip and gain 291m elevation.

View of Mount Reco from the grassy highpoint

Retrace your steps back down the road to head home!

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C Kelly
C Kelly
2 years ago

The views for either peak ( Texas or Reco) are sensational and both can be hiked in one go. Due to a rainy spring and some access road erosion I would recommend 4wd and some decent clearance for the drive up. A great hike instead of Idaho Peak since that road suffered a washout.

Eric martens
Eric martens
2 years ago

We are heading up there tomorrow, first time, thanks so very much for the great info. Eric and Ruth and Doug and Dori from Kimberley.

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