Twin Peaks

A short meadowy ridge in the Bonnington Range. Twin Peaks is a scenic off-trail adventure for hikers who are prepared to navigate and route-find.

Trailhead: Munson FSR
Distance, round trip: 4.6km
Elevation: +333m
Season: late June to early October
Difficulty: Easy 
Download file: twin-peaks.gpx

Trailhead & Driving Directions

Drive to the top of the Bombi Summit on Highway 3 and turn onto Munson Forest Service Road. This road starts on the North side of the highway and there is a large gravel lot where it begins. The road is suitable for 2WD low clearance vehicles in 2020.

You’re going to drive 13.7km up Munson FSR, staying on the main road at all junctions, to park at a pullout.

  • Reset your odometer to 0km on Munson FSR, follow the main road as it ascends beneath the powerlines.
  • At 2.5km, stay left on the main road.
  • At 3.5km, stay right. At 3.6km, stay left. At 3.7km, stay right. Always on the main road.
  • At 4.5km, stay right on the main road.
  • At 6.0km, stay left on the main road and see Grassy Mountain ahead. At 6.1km, stay left on the main road.
  • At 7.2km, the distant Valhalla mountains come into view on the horizon.
  • At 10.4km, fork right and ascend on main road.
  • At 12.7km, stay right on main road. Look out for distance views of Arrow Lake far below.
  • At 13.0km, switchback right.
  • At 13.7km, park in the wide pullout on the right side of the road. Note there is a pile of cairns on the road a bit earlier, ignore this and continue to 13.7km.
Navigation – this is a route and not a trail! Hikers should be prepared to navigate and route-find. Download the GPS file above for your device.

Cross the road and look for the rough quad track which ascends the bank. The route to the first peak is part quad track, part cairns, and a few scraps of boot-beaten path. Once again, be prepared to navigate!

Starting out on the quad track

Up to the First Peak

Follow the quad track as it winds through low forest and meadow until 0.4km where you’ll leave the track and make your way uphill to a grassy knoll. There is a pink flag where to leave the track – easy to miss.

Continue to make your way uphill, sticking to the meadows and following cairns. Consult your GPS when in doubt. There are some old mining sites along the slopes that you may encounter if you veer a little bit off the route.

Ascending grassy meadows

The route will always stay to open meadows and mainly follows the ridgeline as it climbs. Watch for wildflowers as you ascend. Behind you to the South, Grassy Mountain serves as a nearby landmark back to the road.

Tree sculpture along the route

At 1.3km, reach the top of Peak #1 after a 225m ascent! You’ll be able to look out to see the distant Valhallas as well as Lower Arrow Lake to the West.

View of Peak #2 from the top of Peak #1

Locals call this ridge “Twin Peaks” since the two summits are shaped like a camel’s back with 1km of ridge between them. The peaks are nearly the same elevation. Peak #1 is at 2119m and #2 slightly higher at 2150m.

The Ridge

As ridges go, Twin Peaks is beautiful hiking! Soft footing, gentle ascents, alpine meadows! Pick your way down from Peak #1 and follow the ridge, sticking to open terrain. Bits of path appear and vanish among the plants.

Hiking out along the ridge

About half-way along the ridge, you’ll be able to look down to the left (West), to see a better view of Castlegar as well as a small lake in the forest below.

Ascending to Peak #2

The Second Peak

Reach the top of Peak #2 after 2.3km. It took us about 30 minutes to hike between the two peaks at a slow pace.

Looking back at Peak #1 from the top of Peak #2

From Peak #2, you get a good view of the ridges on Siwash Mountain to the North-East.

Heading Home

Retrace your steps back along the ridges to head home.

Hiking back down to the car, Grassy Mountain in the distance
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