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Old Glory Mountain

You won’t be disappointed standing atop the highest peak in the Rossland Range. At 2377m, Old Glory towers above the visible world and offers spectacular views of the nearby Monashee mountains. Most of this hike is done up high, along alpine meadows and ridge lines, so your trek will be bordered by wildflowers and the hazy blue of distant horizons.

Trailhead: Highway 3B
Distance, round trip: 17km
Elevation: +1145m
Season: late June to late September
Difficulty:  Difficult


Old Glory Mountain has always been a great lookout. From the 1940’s to 60’s, Old Glory hosted Canada’s highest weather station on its summit, with men living up there year round. The summit also had a fire lookout that was manned in the summer months. Today, ruins of these structures still remain on Old Glory as broken stone foundations and rusted iron scraps. An old cabin still sits atop the summit, cabled down on all sides against the wind.

Trailhead & Driving Directions

Drive 10.6km north up Highway 3B from the Rossland Museum and look for a pull-out on the left. There is lots of room to park.

This is a big hike, but without technical challenge. Expect to be out for about 8 hours and bring plenty of sun protection and water in the summer heat.


Now, you have a choice of trails and have to make a decision. Both the Old Glory trail and the Plewman trail will take you up to Unnecessary Ridge. Plewman is a harder 4.8km trek up the Hannah Creek valley. Old Glory is a gentler 6.8km trail and spends the last 3km walking the alpine meadows of Unnecessary Ridge. There is a nice loop you can make by taking Plewman up, Old Glory down. The loop makes for a longer day but keeps things interesting with the beautiful ridgeline on the way down.


Up the Plewman Trail

The Plewman trail crosses Hannah Creek twice and then takes you steadily up the valley. It’s a hard march upwards, but as the cedars fade away and you get higher towards Unnecessary Ridge, a welcome series of switchbacks start up.

Don’t forget to turn around and look back. An awesome view is opening up behind, with the City of Trail twinkling far below.

Looking back towards Trail

Unnecessary Ridge

The Plewman Trail ends on top of Unnecessary Ridge where you’ll meet the Seven Summits Trail. The view from Unnecessary Ridge is great – you can look over both sides and see all around! You’ll also see Old Glory for the first time, rising up to the north-west.

Onwards to the Summit!

In order to go up, you have to go down. That is probably why it is called Unnecessary Ridge: it adds an unnecessary climb in the way of Old Glory.

Anyways, it’s about 3km down and up to Old Glory and you’ll quickly see just where you’re headed:

The trail wraps around the gentler south slope of Old Glory, and as it climbs, you’ll be treated to some awesome views!

On top of Old Glory!

The summit is a dizzy, spectacular place to be. Walk around the old cabin and enjoy the north-east view. The spiky Valhalla mountains were edging the horizon along with the big old Kokanee glacier. There is a log book inside the cabin, so be sure to check it out!

Panorama from the summit
Hiking back down from the summit

Down the Old Glory Trail

It can get quite hot along the trail with south-facing slopes and no shade. There is a small creek that runs at the base of Old Glory in early summer, but it may be dry.

Back on Unnecessary Ridge, turn right to take the longer Old Glory trail back if you choose. This will follow the Seven Summits Trail for 3km along the sunny paradise of the ridge with soft valley views on either side.

Hiking along the ridge

After 3km, you reach a junction with the Old Glory trail heading left, down from the ridge towards the trailhead. Sections of this trail are steep and covered in loose rocks, but most of the trail is a fast well-graded descent as it traces an old road.

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